After-sales service in the USA


Here is a good news: our technical director and business manager led the engineer team to our customer’s factory in the USA! Last year, we supplied them with a complete LPG cylinder production line. Recently, we completed the delivery of all the machines and dispatched a team of engineers to complete the installation and commissioning.

Before the installation work begins, we hold a meeting with customer team to discuss the installation details. And reconfirm the overall layout to ensure that every detail is correct.

Wuxi Longterm LPG-cylinder-production-line-in-the-USA

Our engineers are in the process of installing the machine. Our team of engineers has extensive experience in installation and debugging abroad, which will help the work go smoothly.

Wuxi Longterm LPG-cylinder-production-line-in-the-USA

At Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies, we take great pride in our commitment to our customers. We always guarantee responsibility for every machine sold to customers and ensure that our customers can use them well. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing you with the best possible services.