LPG Cylinder Recondition Line

Production Procedure

Wuxi Longterm LPG-cylinder-Repairing-line

Wuxi Longterm Residual liquid removal machine

Valve mounting and dismantling machine
Suitable for mounting and dismantling the valves of model
YSP-10, 15, and 50 LPG cylinders.
Main technical parameter:
1. Motor power:1.5kw
2. Drive speed ration:1:30
3. Main shaft speed ration:31r/min
4. Air source pressure:0.5-0.6MPa
5. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour
6. Overall size:600*600*1800mm

LPG Cylinder Incinerator Furnace

Automatic Hydro water pressure testing machine
Main parameter:
Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Water test pressure: 3.2Mpa (adjustable)
Holding time: 60s
Irrigation time: 90s
Dewatering time: 50s
Motor power: 3KW
Weight of machine: 4ton, 6ton
No. of station: 6 station
Size of cylinder available: 320*700-420*1250mm

Wuxi Longterm shot-blasting-machine

Air leakage testing machine
Main parameter:
Test pressure:3.2Mpa
Test efficiency:100~120Pc/h(YS-6) 50-70Pc/h(YS-6B)
Air source pressure:0.5-0.6MPa(YS-6)
Motor power:22kW
Weight:2500kg(Model YS-6,6 positions)


Residual liquid removal machine
Used for the recycling of residual gas and liquid in the LPG cylinder.
Main technical parameter:
1. Power:7.5kw
2. Gas & liquid separator:0.4m³
3. Air source pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa
4. Turnover period:<30s/time
5. One-time residual cleaning time:≥2min
6. Overall size:4700*1500*2050mm
7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

Wuxi Longterm Valve mounting and dismantling machine

LPG Cylinder Incinerator Furnace 
Used for burning off the paint on the old cylinders and liquid inside the cylinder     Main technical parameter:
1. Furnace chamber temperature setting: <400ºC
(On the basis of meeting the requirements of burning bottles)
2. Workpiece temperature: ≈400ºC
3. Consumption of gas and fuel: Fuel burner type(100,000kcal), 4~5Kg/h·set
4. Power supply: 3.3Kw
5. Speed ratio: 493
6. Overall dimension: 16000 x 1500 x 1800mm
7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

Wuxi Longterm Automatic Hydro water pressure testing machine

Shot blasting machine
Main parameter:
Cleaning steel pipe size: medium 300x5000mm (length)
Channel running speed: 1-5m/min (frequency conversion speed regulation)
Required projectile diameter: Medium 0.8~Medium 1.2mm
The first projectile load: 800kg
Inlet (outlet) material bank length: 5000mm
Track distance: 400mm
Loading weight: 30kg/m

Wuxi Longterm air-leakage-testing-machine