LPG Cylinder Requalification Machine Inspection

We are delighted to inform you that our LPG cylinder requalification machine has been successfully accepted and passed third-party testing, and will be shipped to Burkina Faso soon! All our requalification machines can be equipped with explosion-proof functions and have obtained China’s explosion-proof certification.
Residual liquid removal machine:
Our residual liquid recovery system can help your factory further save costs and help you recycle and utilize LPG in a safe and efficient recycling system.
Residual liquid removal machine for old cylinder
Shot blasting machine:
This is our shot-blasting machine equipped with 3 blasting heads. This year, we have upgraded the structure of the machine. We have installed all protective panels internally, which not only facilitates your daily maintenance but also greatly improves safety performance.  If you have purchased our machine before, you can consider upgrading it!
Valve screwing machine & valve dismantling machine:
Our valve screwing machine has equipped with a servo-motor and our valve dismantling machine has equipped with ex-proof facilities. We can also provide you with explosion-proof electrical boxes or cables.
Valve screwing machine & valve dismantling machine
Screen Printing Machine:
If your factory has high automation requirements, I recommend you use our fully automatic screen printing machine. Our machine is equipped with an automatic turnover device. At the same time, the machined bracket can also move the cylinder laterally. For saving your cost and increasing your capacity, that is the best option!
Screen Printing Machine for LPG cylinder
Our factory is located here in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. I sincerely invite you to visit our factory. I am 100% confident that our machines will bring great help to your factory.
If you have any machine needs, you are also welcome to send us an inquiry.