Customer from Bangladesh to witness our latest technology

One of our customers from Bangladesh visited us last week, they bought LPG cylinder manufacturing machinery for 12.5kg &33kg & 35 kg & 45 kg from us, our machines are running very well in their factories and have helped them gradually become the leader in Bangladesh’s LPG field. Based on their trust in us, when they need to update equipment, they think of us immediately and prepare to purchase from us.
We took him to visit the factory that uses our latest equipment to produce LPG cylinders. They witnessed the running of the machine and were full of praise for our machine. After that, we had a pleasant communication about the fully automatic welding line in our office and finalized the preliminary purchase plan.
Bangladeshi customer come to visit Wuxi Longterm
As China’s top LPG production equipment supplier with 30 years of experience, we always believe that quality is the first priority. To this end, we will always provide you with our best service. And we also always believe that our machines can help your business.
As China opens up, we are looking forward to and happy to welcome you to visit us in the near future.