Ghana customer visiting us


Recently, one of our old customers from Ghana came to visit us. We have been cooperated for several years and established deep connection with each other. This time they finally come to China and have a further discussion with us. Below are the photos taken in our LPG cylinder machinery factory. Our chief technical engineer Mr. Yuan is showing our latest cylinder circumferencial welding machine.

LPG Cylinder circular welding machine

We are professional manufacturer of LPG cylinder making machinery for more than 30 years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in LPG equipment industry to help our clients from different country. Our machines have already been exported to many countries, such as US, Brazil, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey etc… We have earned much reputation over the world. 
Besides the cylinder making machines, our customers also have great demand for production consumables sucha as valve and valve bung. So we also show them around to check our valve and valve bung plant to witness the production process and feel the product quality.
Valve production plant
LPG Cylinder Valve
Valve bung production plant(with a daily capacity of 130,000pcs)
LPG Cylinder Valve Seat