Bangladeshi customer come to visit Wuxi Longterm


We are delighted to share updated news from Wuxi Longterm Side. After China was open, more and more of our clients came to visit us to witness machines running to make purchase plans.

We are delighted to share with you the highlights of a recent visit from our client from Bangladesh, who is are leader in the LPG cylinder manufacturing & requalification industry. During their visit, we enjoyed showcasing our production facility and discussing potential collaborations.
Our company has been a professional manufacturer of LPG cylinder machinery for more than 30 years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the LPG cylinder machinery industry to help our clients from different countries. Our machines have already been exported to many countries, such as the USA, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, etc… We have earned much reputation all over the world. 
Automatic welding line: Running video: Automatic LPG Cylinder Welding Line – YouTube
Our welding line uses MIG/MAG welding. Compared with SAW welding, we only need to weld 1 circle. which saves time and cost of raw materials. Taking an 11kg cylinder as an example, a cylinder only takes 70 seconds to complete a circumferential seam operation.
Our welding line is equipped with robotic auxiliary feeding, the entire line only requires 4 workers to complete the operation.
Our welding line is equipped with a laser tracking device, so there will be no welding seam deviation, ensuring the quality of welding.
Online hydro testing machine
Hydro testing machines depending on the capacity, we can configure machines with different stations.
Each workstation is equipped with an independent pressure test meter and is also displayed on the integrated data recorder in the center control table.
Equipped with a circulating water tank, no need to worry about utility consumption.
High quality and great service can be guaranteed here.