Cylinder Body Auto Making Line


We keep improving our machine technology all the time, our machines helped a lof of gas cylinder factories improve their production and gas cylinder quality with bigger capacity and much lower costing.

1. Cylinder body auto making line, from decoiler to deep drawing, jogging and circle welding.

A:  Fully automatic + Robots Auto feeding

B:  1000pcs/ 2000pcs Capacity as your needs

C:Only need max 3-5 people (only for change welding wires/ nozzels)

D:Video/ laser tracking +Patent Panasonic Welder

E:   Workshop Land Saving, Cutting/ jogging/polishing in one machine

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2. Easy Operation Foot ring Line

A: Foot ring = Blanking + auto rolling and forming Machine on 1 machine +  One weld machine

B:  Labor save and workshop save compare with old machine which need 1 rolling + 1 edge forming + 1 welding machine.

C: Higher precious and more beautiful footing shape with auto forming foot ring and compared with manual type.

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3.Auto feeding Disc for deep drawing 

A: Plastic auto cover and feeding, no need manual put plastic / oil for disc before deep drawing

B. No need cleaning machine like oil type. machine cost savly and water save

C: Plastic inside cylinder auto blow out after deep drawing, no need move out by manual.

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