New design: Steel Plate Auto Feeder Deivce for LPG Cylinder


This is a new design machine that we add to our production line. In the traditional production, before feeding the round sheet to the deep drawing machine, one operator is needed to wrap up the round sheet with the plastic film, and the work-load is very heavy without any leisure. In case the sheet is drawn without covering the plastic film, the steel surface will be scratched and affect the subsequent welding quality. We notice this issue after visiting many cylinder manufacturers in the world, such as India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tunisia, the majority of them is encountering the similar problem. Therefore, we determine to design the machine to solve this problem forever, and finally we made it. We have done thousand times testing in our plant before selling to others, thus far, this machine has been supplied nearly 20 Chinese cylinder manufactures and all are working well. Here are some machine photos:

Last week, our Tunisian customer came to inspect LPG forming machine. They are satisfied with this machine which can save labor and time:

Here is running video of this machine: