How to properly store cylinders?


Since gas cylinders are pressure vessels, the following precautions must be taken during storage to prevent injuries caused by suffocation, fire, explosion, high pressure, and mishandling of compressed gas cylinders.

The following behaviors are prohibited
1. The storage temperature exceeds 52°C;
2. Smoking or open flames in oxide or flammable gas storage areas;
3. Expose cylinders to corrosive environments.

Correct operating behavior
1. Store cylinders vertically;
2. Fix the steel cylinder during storage, transportation or use;
3. Store steel cylinders in a dedicated area;
4. Separate full and empty bottles;
5. Store steel cylinders in a dry, cool place that is not affected by the weather and away from combustible materials;
6. Separate flammable or combustible materials and oxides by at least 20 feet;
7. Monitoring the air in areas where gases may escape and accumulate;
8. Use the first-in-first-out inventory system to prevent full bottles from being stored for a long time;
9. Store only the amount of compressed gas required for the specific application;
10. Steel cylinders are stored away from places where people frequently come and go and emergency exits;
11. Provide sufficient access for cylinder operation;
12. Periodically or at least weekly visually inspect stored cylinders for any signs of leaks or problems;
13. Restrict access to cylinder storage areas;
14. Prevent cylinders from touching wet or damp ground.