cylinder body welding machine

Body welding machine

Automatic LPG Gas Cylinder Welding Line I. Full automatic welding line ( machinery list) 1.Autoamtic socket welding machine 2.Automatic handle welding machine 3.Automatic bottom base welding machine 4.Tag welding
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hydro testing

Online Hydro Testing Machine

LPG Gas Cylinder Online Hydro Testing Equipment  A. Equipment brief introduction Design and manufacture in accordance with the national standard GB/T9251-2011 “cylinder hydrostatic test method and GB 5842-2006” liquefied
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Shot Blasting Machine

Automated LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine 1. Machine description Our shot blasting machine is especially made for gas cylinder. Using the high speed shot to hit the surface of
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Powder coating

Powder coating line

LPG Cylinder Electrostatic Powder Coating LineProduct Description Max. workpiece size: Φ300xH570mm,Φ360xH1055mm Workpiece weight: ≤35kg Braced chain: QXT250/50Kg light chain Machine capacity: 250pcs/hour Heating source: Nature gas Hanging type: One
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