Fully automatic LPG gas cylinder welding line


Automatic LPG Cylinder Welding Line

Full-auto welding machine includes socket welding, handle/collar welding, base ring welding, circumference welding, and all machines work automatically, the cylinder halves are conveyed by mechancial arm and chain, this system really saves much labor cost and improve the working efficiency apparently.

Template full automatic welding line layout

Full auto single head circumference welding
This machine is used for cylinder upper shell and lower shell welding, it adopts seam
vision tracking device, automatic imaging to tracking welding seam, welding the circumferential seam automatically, no need of manual intervention. It adopts Panasonic 500GS (special) high-speed pulse MIG welding source. Welding speed can reach to
1000mm/min. It adopts double internal cooling MIG torch, it is suitable for long time welding. It is equipped with Supercooler
automatic circulating cooling water tank to cooling the welding torch circularly.