Automatic Composite LPG gas cylinder production line



Our standard offer includes:

  1. Liner blow molding machine.
  2. Liner loading stations: Automatic handling of the liners between the liner loading station, filament winding machine and the curing oven.
  3. Filament winding machines with very fast winding times.
  4. State of the art automatic cut & restart system for the fibers (patented).
  5. Quick-clean resin bath with automatic resin mixing system.
  6. Fiber creel with different types of tension control and fiber broken detection.
  7. Efficient curing oven with air-exchange control.
  8. Vessel testing equipment.
  9. Surface treatment equipment and other auxiliary equipment.
  10. Top level control system for supervision and quality control.According to the production requirements of different composite gas cylinders, we developed an automatic flexible gas cylinder production line which realized automatic and intelligent manufacturing of LPG cylinders, brake cylinders, CNG cylinders, breathing cylinders, and vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage cylinders.Each production line has an annual production capacity of 300,000 composite pressure vessels, The production plant area of 2000 square meters, and power consumption of 500 kilowatts. It can complete the processes of inner tank forming, interface processing, composite material winding, resin preparation, curing and molding, etc. It can also carry out fully automatic production testing of gas cylinders, which truly realizes high-efficiency and high-quality mass production of composite gas cylinders.We have independently developed a full set of gas cylinder testing equipment such as cycle charge/discharge tester, negative pressure vacuum tester, drop tester, bursting tester, etc. according to the requirements of composite container testing. We realize gas cylinder pressure test, gas tightness test, bursting test, normal temperature pressure cycle test, accelerated stress fracture test, impact test, crack tolerance test, fire resistance test, valve seat strength test and other tests.