Semi-automatic rotation type hydro testing machine

  • Model NO.HLT
  • Condition:New
  • Cylinder Size:3~50kgs
  • Control:PLC
  • Overseas Installation:Available
  • Warranty:1 Year


Semi-automatic rotation type hydro testing machine

The machine finishes the water pouring, hydraulic test, air pressure water draining out by independent step. There is transportation channel at the down part, which forms a complete set with conveying line .It adopts the water pump supplying and can be used circularly.

  • electric motor power:9KW
  • rotating speed of roll-over stand :2rpm
  • air pressure:0.6~8MPa
  • power voltage;AC380V+N  50HZ
  • Capacity: 90pcs/h
  • Station qty: 6
  • Pressure keeping time: 2 minutes.
  • Overall size: 3600 x 1600 x 2700mm, 800 x 500 x 850mm, two package
  • Overall weight: 2800kg

hydro testing machine1_副本

Operation instruction

Using hydraulic testing machine, plug, air supply, worm gear oil in the tank, the pneumatic switch pull the head in the highest position, press the “spin” button, overturning frame according to the specified direction of no-load running, check whether the running normally.
At work, turn will pull rod cylinders placed on the shelf, back pressure rod, “forward” button, reverse rotation, travel switch to stop. The cylinder valve seat on the head, one by one pull (valve, make the head down pressure Angle of the seat, if there are individual pressure head in place, no pressure can pull (corresponding to the hand valve, to bring pressure head, modifying the positions of the bottle, to pressure the seats. Press the “add water” button, add water pump start-up, stop automatically after water filling .”Pressure” button, the booster pump to stop automatically when setting pressure, whether cylinder leaks, (in the process of pressure and pressure, if found leaking to the bottle of the corresponding electromagnetic valve switch is closed, at the same time make the mark.)Holding a minute later, automatic pressure relief, click on the “compression” “stop” button of the corresponding pressure head up return, then press the “spin” button, turn to the next station to stop, try to remove good cylinders, put the cylinders, try again end of such a work cycle.

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