After-sales service in Bangladesh


-Unitex Group in Bangladesh

We had comducted many site surveys in the early stage to give them many suggestions for improvement so that they will not take a lot of detours in this manufacturing field. Even in installation period, our team worked with their employees very well.

– T.K & Delta(Bangladesh)

TK group is our oldest friend, everytime they want to set up any new projects they always ask us for advices, and of course we help them do a lot of marketing researches. We have established close relationship like 8 years, trust is priceless.
This is the certificate they gave to us, this is our glory, and it is the best proof that our customers trust us.
– BM & Energy
They are famous cylinder manufacturer in Bangladesh and own big group, we have already supplied some machines for their existing line, like welding line, deep drawing machine, mechanical punching machine etc. Their managing director are quite satisfied with our advanced good quality machine,and we provide best after service for them.