MIG Circumferential Seam Welding Machine Advantages



Advantages of MIG circumferential seam welding

1.Less consumption of welding wire, electricity, protection gas

As you know, SAW welding welds two pass, MIG welding only one pass. The welding wire diameter on our machines is only 1.2mm, while it is 2.4 mm for SAW welding machines.

2.Less labor cost

Only one operator is necessary for 6 our body welding machines, his job is to put new welding nozzles, welding wires when they are run out. While,

one operator is necessary for one SAW welding machine. The output on one machine is 360pcs per 8hrs, while only 240pcs on SAW welding machines according to SMPC from Thailand.

Compared with SAW welding machine,our MIG welding machine has advantages as bellow: